Thermoelectric energy

Roughly 60% of global primary energy consumption is lost as waste heat. This represents a huge energy recovery potential: Transforming waste heat into useful energy could contribute to a smaller carbon footprint – and at the same time reduce the cost of useful energy.

Thermoelectric materials are a class of advanced materials producing electricity directly from heat. TEGMA develops systems for high temperature thermoelectric applications.

Technology & Products

Thermoelectric systems allow direct conversion of heat energy into electricity. Thermoelectric generators are compact solid state devices with no moving parts. They are silent, reliable, and scalable, making them ideal for distributed power generation and in applications where no maintenance need is crucial.

Thermoelectric power generation requires high efficiency thermoelectric materials, a reliable technology for integration of these into thermoelectric modules, and a system that interface with the heat source. Tegma provides thermoelectric systems where all these aspects are incorporated.


Thermoelectric generators may be utilized in a variety of markets with large amounts of waste heat, including:


Reduced CO2 emissions

A TEG system can reduce the CO2 emission of a car by 3 – 6 %, which sums up to 200-400 kg per car per year.

TEGma is developing thermoelectric solutions suitable for integration in the exhaust systems of both personal cars and trucks.


Reduced fuel consumption

A medium sized TEG can reduce the diesel consumption from an average cargo-ship by hundreds of tons per year.

TEGma is currently developing and testing a state of the art TEG system for diesel hybrid ships.

Process Industry

Increased energy efficiency
Massive amounts of energy is lost as waste heat through e.g. hot reactor walls, off-gases and cooling water. The utilization of TEG technology to recover some of this energy will have a great impact on the total energy efficiency. TEGma is currently developing and testing TEG systems with partners to recover waste heat from the process industry.

Sensor power

Battery-free wireless sensors

A small TEG system (2 x 2 x 1 cm3) can solely power an autonomous wireless sensor network, e.g. a wireless engine monitoring system on a jet engine.

TEGma is in the process of developing a unique TEG system which can act as a “battery” for wireless sensor networks.

Our vision

TEGma will become a leading supplier of mid to high temperature thermoelectric solutions

About TEGma

TEGMA is established in a market characterized by a strong need for high temperature thermoelectric solutions. TEGma is presently transitioning from prototype testing in a laboratory environment towards larger scale installations of thermoelectric systems in industrial environments. Our ambition is a rapid commercialization of the technology to meet the market needs.

Cooperation with leading research institutes and universities provides access to relevant competence and technology. Joint development with customers and suppliers ensures processes and systems suitable for large-scale industrialization, and applications that address key customer needs.

Thermoelectric modules are solid-state devices with many similarities with photovoltaic solar technology, both on the process and product side. TEGma is thus benefiting from the extensive photovoltaic experience and know-how in the Scatec group, the owner of TEGma.

Scatec is Alf Bjørseth’s company for developing new business ideas within the areas of renewable energy and environmentally friendly advanced materials.

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